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After a tragic shooting of two fellow Winnipeg police officers in 2006,  Kevin Gibson, a musician at heart, was inspired to create “Status4” knowing that music and the arts is a universal language that can provide hope and happiness to anyone regardless of age, culture or circumstance.


Like most things in life, it takes time, effort and patience for ideas to grow and evolve into successful initiatives.

Kevin refined his dream through many proposals and presentations, and along the way shared his vision to all who wish to provide a better future for the next generation of youth.

Through this period, Kevin created the seed that was to grow to be Status4.


“Many of life’s failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up”. -Thomas Edison

In the spring of 2011, Kevin began setting up Status4 in an old Elmwood area community centre called the EAST END CULTURAL and LEISURE CENTRE.

Kevin with the help friends and community,  transformed an old tired building into the inspiring music and arts studio it is today.

Status4 continues to enrich the lives of young people and their communities through attainable access to the joy of music and the arts. 

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Our Story

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