Learn Voice & Song writing then Recording A/V Studio

Status4 Voice and Songwriting  program gives talented young people a great opportunity to be mentored and recorded by professional producers that are a part of the Status4 team, and builds the talent and skills required to transition into the studio recording environment where the magic of music and creation can come together.

The next step is learning how to apply these individual vocals qualities through song writing where participants will learn and practice various song writing principles and apply them into new creations with the guidance of experienced song writers and studio producers.

Since we are living in a world of ever-advancing technology, recording and home studios have become available to younger and growing artists. There’s no longer any need to pay top dollar for a great recording. Status4 has made it possible for those who aren’t able to get their hands on the right equipment to have their music come to life with our recording studio. Young artists within the community will have a chance to work with experience producers.

Selected students from our programs will have an opportunity to learn the ins and outs of studio recording and develop their talent with the guidance of our instructors and producers.

Status4 provides friendly and comfortable environment for our students, with experienced instructors.











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