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Jennifer:  The troubled teenager,  Kevin: The beat cop

As a police officer, Kevin Gibson has witnessed many lives destroyed by barriers such substance abuse, crime, poverty, lack of education and lack of opportunity. One such life was that of Jennifer, a  teenager whom  Kevin came to know while working one of the roughest police beats in the City.  A police officer for only a couple years,  Kevin was quite young himself, and Jennifer was just a young girl trying to survive in the darker side of life’s challenges.

Jennifer came  from a  troubled family life in and out social services, and regretfully, her path led to a life of prostitution and the dangerous world associated with it.

Time passed and many years later a young woman, now a mother, approached Kevin, and it was Jennifer. She went on to share how she had improved her life, and how never giving up on her when she was young had a lasting impact of hope and encouragement.

Jennifer’s life is testament to the importance of supporting one another, and an inspiration  for young people to never give up on themselves.

>> Watch video on Jennifer’s story.

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