Mark Debrincat

Mark DeBrincat is honored to support Status4 and always eager to lend his musical talents with a variety of Status4 related live performances.

Mark has owned and operated his own Sports Medicine Clinic for many years and his expertise lies in Orthopaediac Manual Physiotherapy. His entrepreneurial spirit has led him to treat many celebrities, who routinely fly in for treatment.  Mark is an extremely focused individual and studied classical guitar with Rodrigo Munos and Skender Sefa, however his passion is percussion. He is privileged to have extensively studies African percussion, Afro-Cuban, Japanese Taiko drumming and Brazilian percussion with Nii Tetty Teteh(Africa), Bruno Genero (Italy), Rodrigo Munos (Papa Mambo, Trio Bembe), and Scott Senor (The Duhks, Trio Bembe) and Jerry Steinholtz (California).

Mark Believes there is a new sound being ushered in by way of eclectic and creative percussion.

For the past two years, he has collaborated with Gentil Mis and has worked with Frank Rizzuto, Flo, Fresh IE and Emma Cloney.

Lisa Lacroix


Lisa brings with her a solid background in helping people to find their voices. Straight out of high school she travelled Canada as the lead singer in a rock band and has since worked as a high school librarian, a support worker to adolescent offenders, a guidance counsellor in Winnipeg’s core, and presently as a case manager to women who have been in conflict with the law and who are transitioning out of federal and provincial correctional facilities.

What drew Lisa to volunteer with Status4? “I believe in Status4’s vision. My background in social services has found me working with many broken spirited adults and children, each one of them questioning “where do I fit in?” As human beings we strive for connection. We long to feel that we are part of something – anything, and it is that want for belonging that makes gang life so attractive to our youth. With a depleted sense of value they tend to only succeed in envisioning their “fit” to be somewhere negative. I consider Status4 to be an oasis in the darkness for at-risk-youth. A place where they can access programming that they have only dreamed of, where they can feel a connection to something remarkable and progressive, and where they can shed false airs and embrace their true self.”


Ray Hope

Ray and Kevin Lee Gibson have known each together for over 20 years, having met as students in an Aikido class. Both having a passion for music, Ray and Kevin played together in the band UnderCover for almost 20 years.

Since retiring from UnderCover, Ray has continued his involvement in the music community by chairing the Board of Directors for the the Manitoba Conservatory of Music and Arts. As Past President, Ray now works with a dedicated team to ensure the MCMA continues as a vibrant part of the music and outreach community. In 2011, Ray was honored to receive the Investors Group Arts & Culture Award for Volunteer Excellence for his work with the MCMA. Ray currently chairs the Music for All Alliance, which is a new group of dedicated individuals who represent Manitoba’s music education outreach community, including Status4.

Ray’s technical and creative talent was instrumental in developing the Status4 website and brand.

Jackie Hope

Jackie Hope has worked in a wide variety of industries, including consulting for small business, education and training, English as an Additional Language, communications, marketing, public relations, research, and fund development. During five years spent overseas, she traveled extensively in Japan, South East Asia and Australia and released her first full-length CD Treasure. After her return to Canada, Jackie spent two years in Northern Manitoba instructing college prep courses for adults and coordinating the Self Employment Assistance Program for residents of Northern Manitoba.

With over 20 years’ experience as a professional educator, Jackie founded KIBO Group in 2012, an organization committed developing curriculum and training solutions that are accessible, engaging, experiential, and tailored to learner needs.

As a singer/songwriter/pianist, Jackie is passionate about making musical education accessible to all. Her past community volunteer work has included Habitat for Humanity and the Manitoba Conservatory of Music & Arts, where she served as President for several years.


Jacob Okot

Video Production

Jacob Okot is an independent filmmaker living in Winnipeg, originally from South Sudan, Africa.

He studied film production at the Toronto film school, earning a diploma in film making, and is
currently completing his degree at the University Of Winnipeg. He is enamored by all the arts:
music, dance, photography, illustration & fine art, and especially literature. It is this passion
for stories that has lead him to purse a career in film making, because he believes stories are tools
by which people explain the world around them, impart lessons, share ideas and experiences; and
motion picture is just a modern day medium of this treasured tradition that has existed for countless
generation. It is his hope to share this unique perspective with all involved and participating in
Status 4, in order to encourage others to share their stories.



Jonathan Le

Video Production

A broadcast veteran with over a decades experience in the local post-production industry Jonathan Le has edited on virtually every system imaginable. Prior to his working career he completed a degree in Film Studies at the University of Manitoba as well as certificates in editing from New York University.

Jonathan travelled extensively before finally settling in Winnipeg where he currently resides with his lovely wife. He presently heads the video department of a local marketing company where he enjoys working daily on projects ranging from documentary to commercial. 

Paul Katsnelson

Paul provided his professional and creative support to Status4, co-producing two Status4 audio launch productions, Woman in Chains (Be Yourself and Free Yourself) and Third of June.

Paul’s music and recording experience dates back to the height of the New Wave movement, when he played synthesizers and programmed rhythms in the synth-pop bands inspired by the sound of Alphaville, Secret Service, Duran Duran and Depeche Mode. He always found sequencing and mixing to be the most motivating parts of music creation and often stayed overnight in the studio experimenting with synthesizers and recording equipment.

After completing an education in Sound Engineering, Paul freelanced at recording studios including Creative Audio, Grassroots Sound, Isaac Stern’s music Centre, 441- Studios, Unison Studios and Strongfront A/V. His professional skills, positive attitude and creative ideas were highly valuable in different studios, from songwriting assistance and programming to recording, orchestration and mixing.

Paul’s production and mixing credits can be found on a number of critically and commercially acclaimed albums by international artists including Daily, Anne Champion, Sketch Williams, Ant Weiss, Wab Kinew, The Mechanical Theatre, X-Status, Catskill, Lost Priority and Sabrina.

To discover the services that Paul is able to provide for your own musical projects, visit Paul’s company website www.tranzista.com.

John Paul Peters

John Paul Peters established himself as a much sought-after producer/engineer while working freelance out of a variety of studios before joining Neil at Private Ear. JP is a classically-trained violinist also fluent on numerous other instruments including guitar, bass, drums, and keys. He has toured North America with his own bands and has worked with many artists since he started producing and engineering in 2002. Building on what he learned in the studio with his band, JP has honed his studio chops and has become a go-to producer for artists throughout Western Canada.

Neil Cameron

Neil Cameron is one of the original owners of Private Ear and came to recording from the world of live sound. He has toured the world with artists such as The Watchmen, Sam Roberts, Natalie McMaster, Leahy, Hugh Dillon, and many others. He has been nominated three times for Recording Engineer of the Year at the PMA’s and has both WCMA and Juno nominated and winning projects.

George Jacob

Trained at the Smithsonian, educated at the Birla Institute of Technology & Science formerly under the MIT-Ford Foundation collaboration, University of Toronto and Yale School of Management, George Jacob has been a Museum professional for the last 25 years. Known internationally for spearheading stellar museum planning and design-build assignments, he is one of the few Canadian museologists with a track record of $300 million in museum design-build projects worldwide. A Canadian Commonwealth Fellow, his international work includes museum assignments in Singapore, Hong Kong, India, Taiwan ROC, France, United Kingdom, United States, Indonesia, Egypt, Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Canada. Founding Director of 3 museums in his career including the $30 million NASA-Ames Astronomy Education Center, his most recent project includes a mammoth 650,000 sq.ft. Heritage complex designed by Moshe Safdie on a 100-acre complex. He was honored to be the Project Director for production of the 1812 Star Spangled Banner permanent exhibit- Smithsonian’s most treasured national icon- re-dedicated to the nation by President George W. Bush at the National Museum of American History. He is the author of the popular books Museum Design: The Future (introduction by the Smithsonian) and its sequel Exhibit Design: The Future (introduction by the American Association of Museums) and currently teaches museum design at the University of Manitoba..

Liz Wreford Taylor (left)

Plain Project Team

Plain Projects is a Landscape Architecture and Environmental Design studio based in Winnipeg, Manitoba.  We focus on the creation of beautiful and evocative places that integrate the natural environment with the urban framework.

Established in 2011, Plain Projects seeks to explore the prairie landscape and beyond through civic, residential, and commercial projects.

Liz is the Principal of Plain Projects and has more than ten years of experience as a Landscape Architect and designer. She has worked on many projects ranging from institutional and civic landscapes and plazas to neighbourhood parks and residences. Prior to establishing Plain Projects, Liz was a  registered Landscape Architect in the state of Washington, working at Murase Associates, a landscape architecture firm and public art studio in Seattle and Portland. At Murase Associates, Liz managed projects of varying size and scope throughout the United States, working closely with Architects, Engineers, and Client groups.  Liz has also worked as a Landscape Architect in Perth, Western Australia, and at the Living Prairie Museum’s tall grass prairie preserve in Winnipeg. She is currently a Sessional Instructor in the Faculty of Architecture at the University of Manitoba.

Liz is a registered Landscape Architect in Manitoba and a member of the Manitoba Association of Landscape Architects and the Canadian Society of Landscape Architects. She has a master’s degree in Landscape Architecture and a bachelor’s degree in Environmental Design from the University of Manitoba.


Gizem Naz

Gizem Naz is a passionate actress from Turkey, who has lived in Italy and New York City and now resides in Winnipeg. After earning her Bachelor’s Degree in Cinema and Television, Gizem’s travels brought her to Winnipeg where she studied acting. Gizem brings to Status4 a unique International perspective along with a wide range of experience both in theatre and film. Gizem played the Headmistress Hart-Payne in Spring Awakening at the Winnipeg Fringe Festival. As well, she played Madam Aksakova in the movie The Trials of Rasputin, directed by Danishka Esterhazy. Gizem is currently involved with the project Women in Chain and looks forward to infusing Status4 with the same intensity and passion she gives her acting.

Adam Hurtig

Adam Hurtig has performance experience in an array of local and national film, television, and theatre productions, including working on the mini-series The Don Cherry Story II. As well, Adam has studied with several notable Winnipeg actors such as Rebecca Gibson and Nancy Drake. Along with his experience in larger productions, Adam brings to Status4 performance experience doing commercials, voiceovers, and an interest in singing and Improv.

Megan Haber

Megan Haber enjoys singing as a Mezzo Soprano and acting in film and theatre. Megan is developing her experience in both mediums at the University of Winnipeg and the Academy of Acting. She has studied with several notable actors, including Winnipeg Improv guru, Steve Sim of the International Improv Duo, Crumbs. Megan looks forward to engaging with youth at Status4, helping them develop their performance and leadership skills as she hones her own.

Matthew Stefanson

Matthew Stefanson has worked as a lead and principle actor in local and national film, television and theatre productions. For example, Matthew has appeared as Kyle in an episode of the critically acclaimed Canadian production of Todd and the Book of Pure Evil (2011). Matthew has received training through various institutions such as Film Training Manitoba, Academy of Broadcasting and Sky West Productions. As well, Matthew has studied several specialized performance techniques with industry professionals. Along with his professional expertise, Matthew brings unique juggling, improvisation and stage combat skills to the youth at Status4.





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