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Mark Galbon

Founding Director of all Status4 programs.

Director of program certifications & promotions.  Chief guitar instructor.

IMG_2982There are many suggestions on how to achieve success, but for Status4 the proven method has been having Mark Galbon’s support, enthusiasm and talent from the beginning. Helping the founder Kevin Gibson realize this dream, Mark is responsible for the rubber meeting the road on all Status4 programs, as he started the development of our music and TDK programs from its most humble beginning.  Mark continues to assist in further developing all Status4 programs, instructing, grading and consultations.

Mark is the owner of Mar-Schell’s Music Inc., which is a local independent music retail and lesson center that was established in 1981. Mark studied music at Mennonite Brethren Collegiate and was certified through London College of Music. Mark has over 30 years experience in music instruction, performance and the business of music and has performed on classical guitar for weddings, as a solo act on acoustic guitar at Rumors Comedy Club and various other venues.

Mark has played in a variety of bands since the age of 15 and has been fronting the “Campfire Junkies” band for the past 15 years. The band consists mainly of my former guitar students and continues to perform at many local events and venues including senior homes, hospitals, Winnipeg Goldeye games, corporate and private parties. Money raised is donated to many different local charities.

Mark’s other interest includes Tae Kwon Do, which he has studied for 19 years and hold the rank of 4th degree Black Belt. Originally studying at the Jung Do Tae Kwon Do Academy, Mark has become certified through the World Tae Kwon Do Federation and since founded Sanshin Tae Kwon Do in Manitoba where he is the chief instructor.

Gentil Misigaro

Director of Music Programs – Cultural Liaison

“When you’re afraid of being killed most of your life, winter isn’t that bad.” – Gentil Misigaro

Based on his life experiences, you might expect Gentil Misigaro to be bitter, frightened, and confrontational. In actuality, Gentil is quite the opposite. As his name connotes, Gentil is gentle and good. “I want to be a light for those who can’t be seen, a voice for those who can’t speak for themselves – to provide hope for the hopeless, and serve as an encouragement.”

After 5 years living as a refugee in Uganda, Gentil arrived in Canada, a country that the United Nations described as a very stable, peaceful place one can live their life and thrive in their endeavors.

Gentil is a talented multi-instrumentalist, vocalist and producer who has been involved in the development and instruction of all our music programs, that include, singing, rhythm, guitar, keyboards and recording.


Jayden Obirek

Guitar Instructor


Jayden has been playing guitar and bass guitar from the age of 11. He has taken lessons from many different teachers and is now currently a student of the advanced guitar teacher at Status4, Mark Galbon. Jayden loves spreading the knowledge and passion of music and encourages students to be creative and find a sound that truly appeals to them. Remember, there is no such thing as a wrong note!

Shawn Porteous

Guitar Instructor

Shawn Porteus-1

Shawn believes that music is a very powerful and universal language.  Even though styles of music differ throughout the world, the love for music remains constant.  While his preferred style of music is rock/classic rock, he also delves into other musical styles such as Pop, Rock, Blues, Jazz, Celtic, Flamenco, and Techno.  Not only has this expanded his musical horizons, it has also helped him to become a better musician.  Shawn is very passionate about music, and has been so ever since he can remember.  Shawn is passionate about listening to music and learning how to play music, as well as supporting musicians. Music is a very powerful entity, and Shawn believes that every person who wants to learn how to play music should have the opportunity to do so.  This is one of the reasons why Shawn volunteers at Status 4: to ensure that children who want to learn how to play music get a chance to do so.

Vince Blanchette

Director of Taekwondo Programs

Vince -1

Vince started taking Tae Kwon Do at age 15 in Ste. Anne, MB at “San Shin” Tae Kwon Do at the Ste. Anne French Immersion school under the instruction of Mark Galbon. Vince instantly became enveloped with TKD and was thrilled with the confidence he started to build and the lifestyle that accompanied Tae Kwon Do which helped him through the years in so many ways.  Gaining experience and training for several years,  Vince also started helping teach other students as well as occasionally teaching/helping classes.

Today, Vince is a 2nd degree black belt, a husband,  a proud father of his first child, and leads the Status4 Taekwondo classes.

Colin Blanchette

Colin (left)

Colin was 13 when he started Tae Kwon Do with his brother Vincent, and has lived the lifestyle it has taught him ever since. Tae Kwon Do is appealing for many reasons, but the one that has always stuck the most with Colin is the attitude of never giving up that it gives you. After 3 years Colin achieved my brown belt at San Shin Tae Kwon Do Academy under the instruction of Mark Galbon. Teaching Tae Kwon Do with Status4 is an amazing experience, and it allows me to give back to the community, as well as growing myself.


Will Kooistra

Recording/Audio Production

Will Koistra photo

Music has always been there in Will’s life, with his mother as a music teacher, Will began piano lessons at an early age. Moving into middle and high school, Will took up the saxophone in concert and jazz band. As Will began developing his own musical tastes, he decided to teach himself the guitar and drums.

When Will started writing his own music, the next logical step appeared to be recording it. This, coupled with his affection for technology, led him to the Mid Ocean School of Media Arts, where he studied the principles of acoustics, microphone techniques, and analogue and digital recording/mixing methods.

Will, a local Apple computer reseller, also applies his music knowledge with the operation of the computers and software as they  make recording  music possible. Will   can be found in the Status4 studio where lends his knowledge and passion for technology and recording.


Mayo Sowemino

Video Production

Passion can be defined as the energy that comes from bringing more of yourself into what you do. Mayo Sowemimo has never been short of activities that bring out that special energy. Among a list that includes a diverse educational background in community management & development, broadcasting and a range of experiences in youth work and event planning, videography takes centre stage. With experience as an editor and cameraman for various local artists and organizations, Mayo continues to gain valuable skills as he pushes forward in using his passion to make a difference


Roger Montes

Video Production

Born in Nicaragua but raised here in Winnipeg, Roger Montes simply picked up a video camera one day and started shooting. He quickly learned to edit and instantly realized the power behind a story. His work now branches into several areas such as directing, editing, photography, graphic design. Originally a musician, Roger plays the guitar, bass guitar and drums and has experience in audio production and recording. Roger has worked with several youth organizations and events and enjoys lending his talents where possible. Roger is passionate about reaching his generation with a clear and positive message and understands the importance of media and the use of film and sound in achieving that goal. He also enjoys longs walks on the beach, but usually hates the walk back to the car.

Meryelle  Lagmay Rico Blanchette

Administrative Assistant


Meryelle was born and raised in Winnipeg, married to Vince Blanchette our Status4 TDK director, and a proud mother of their beautiful boy named Chase. Meryelle currently works as a Customer Service Administrator for Standard Aero, and also has a personal background in Taekwondo, Ballroom Dancing, Singing and other various sports.  Meryelle contributes her skills and talents to the ongoing development and success of Status4 while pursuing many ambitions for her future.

Lynne Williams

Executive Assistant  a.k.a Scooter


Lynne recently received her Honours English degree from The University of Winnipeg and will be working towards her masters in cultural studies and community development in the near future. Lynne’s university program focused on understanding selfhood and community through the lens of literature, with a particular passion for storytelling in its myriad forms. While Lynne does not have a musical bone in her body, she appreciates the unique rhythms that beat within everyone and the importance of finding and walking to our own beat. Lynne brings to her work at Status4 a unique understanding and interest in transforming life experience into arts-based products that involve visual and musical expression and make connections between self and community.

“For me, it is about imagining potential, then getting the chance to develop it. Art is about expressing what lies in our imagination. And, imagination lies at the heart of transformation. Whatever kind of expression touches our hearts, it is through our art that we become free to be who we imagine ourselves to be. This is what Status4 is all about and I am so honoured to be one small part of it.”

Janine LeGal

Media Relations/Promotions Assistant

Janine LeGal is a freelance writer, community activist and the Communications Coordinator for the General Child and Family Services Authority.  She’s written stories for numerous magazines, websites, organizations, and newspapers including Canadian Immigrant and the Winnipeg Free Press.  She’s worked as program coordinator for the Canadian Authors Association, the Manitoba Writers’ Guild and is one of the three founders of the Writers’ Collective.  She’s also the founder and facilitator of Finding Your Voice, an ongoing creative writing program for new Canadians, a labour of love which brings people from all over the world into a classroom on Saturday mornings and empowers them to share their compelling stories of strength, resilience, and inspiring courage.  The Past is Another Country, volume one, edited by LeGal, is a collection of some of those stories.  Volume two is currently in progress.


LeGal has co-hosted and hosted programs on CJUM and CKUW Community Radio, her favourite featuring interviews with all kinds of fascinating people called ‘This Time It’s Personal’.  She’s collaborated with various community groups and activists on human rights, peace, justice, immigration and refugee advocacy projects.  As well she promotes musicians and anyone or anything with an interest in making the world a better place.  Much of the work she’s done both paid and unpaid over the last three decades has focused on building bridges between people, and creating opportunities for dialogue, with a special interest in creating inter-cultural understanding and breaking through stereotypes.  She loves to tell the untold stories of people who contribute to bringing more joy and love into the lives of others.  She is a self-described vegan, workaholic, wine lover who thrives on being over committed, especially when in the company of creative and intriguing people with amazing stories. LeGal hopes to one day fulfill her fantasy of being a rock and roll star just for a day



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